Honeycomb Bubblewrap


Getting talking about bees with your Little Feet by doing art!

Getting a conversation going about bees and their importance can be so simple. I started to talk about hives and honey bees with Little Feet A (4 years old). We talked about how some bees make honey in honeycombs in their hives. I asked is she knew what shapes made up a honeycomb. She didn't so we looked up the shape and it's name and then looked at pictures of hives and the bees honeycomb. I then asked if she was interested in creating honeycomb with bubblewrap and here we are. In the space of five minutes she learnt a new shape, some biology about bees, and learnt a new way to recreate a pattern in nature with man made objects. 

IMG_4141 2.JPG
IMG_7999 2.JPG

What you will need:

  • White paper
  • Yellow and Orange paint
  • A paint roller
  • Bubble wrap 
  • A black pen 



  1. Lay out your paper and place your bubble wrap, bubbles facing upward next to the paper. 
  2. Squirt paint all over the bubblewrap. 
  3. Allow Little Feet to roll the paint over the whole of the bubblewrap.
  4. Carefully lift the paint covered wrap and place it, bubbles down onto the white paper. 
  5. Apply gentle pressure all over the back of the bubble wrap, pressing the paint into the paper. 
  6. Peel the bubblewrap away and see your honeycomb print emerging! 
  7. Once dry, Little Feet A drew some bees inside the hive. This is optional! 

Little Feet A's bees. The two large ones are Queen bees. With crowns on their heads...obviously. It's no wonder that she finds bee's so scary! I'd be terrified of them too if I thought about them like this! But there you have it. Honeybees in their hive. Send us pictures of yours!