Shoe Painting

Shoe Painting.png

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Word of warning, this one isn't for the faint hearted. It can get messy, however, it is restricted to outdoors so this will limit the mess. As long as the adult in charge is mindfully watching then you should be able to limit the mess. 

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The idea is simple, have a look at all your Little Feet's shoes, ones that you aren't going to weep over if they do get messed. I would recommend shoes like, Wellies, beach sandals, jelly shoes and crocs. Examine the soles of each one. I always notice footprints and the patterns that shoe designers choose for each one. Little Feet shoes tend to be more fun then Big Feet ones. 


In my head, as with most things, adding paint is just the next logical step. Haha. I hear the groans of many parents out there. I know, paint and Little Feet can be messy, however, at least in the garden you can hose them down right?! 


What you will need:

  • A long roll of paper (most craft stores will have inexpensive large rolls of paper

  • Paint - 3 or 4 depending on how many pairs of shoes you have

  • Paint pots

  • Paintbrushes

  • Little Feet shoes

  • An outdoor space


  1. Roll out your paper on a pavement or decking.

  2. Pour out the paint colours you want to use into paint pots and stick a paint brush in each one.

  3. Let your Little Feet pick a pair or shoes to wear, sit them down. If they are capable get them to paint the soles of their shoes, if not you paint their soles.

  4. Lift them onto the paper and just let them roam the paper, whether that is zig-zagging, running, skipping or just plain old walking.

  5. Repeat the process when they want to swap shoes. Use a different colour of paint so each shoe has a separate and distinguishable track.

  6. Hose down everything that needs cleaning when finished.


As the paper is drying see if your Little Feet can match each track to the shoe. Matching items is something they will need to learn to do as they start their school education. If they are struggling, point out certain things that a shoe of a shoe might have and see if they can spot it on the paper.