Chalk Painting


We spend a lot of time outdoors during Spring and Summer. My Little Feet love to be outside running about. Being a military family we are in the privileged position to always know our neighbours. Some 'patches' (a phrase used for groups of housing that we live in) you get really lucky and there are lots of other families with Little Feet the same ages. So we live on a street where when the sun comes out so does everyone else. Scooters and balance bikes hurtling up and down the road, pushchairs with dollies and teddies cruising with toddlers, paddling pools and water guns propelling water at unsuspecting mothers, half drunk cups of teas and wherever we go, art activities scattered along pathways. There are always tears but much laughter and a lot of fun. 



So on this particular day it was ROASTING, I mean hot from 9am all the way through to the evening. So the paddling pool came out and I decided to get some colour on out pavements. We had wanted to try chalk painting as we love chalk drawing and have been doing it a lot lately. We weren't disappointed. It was SO colourful! The chalk really stands out in paint form and looks really fun when dry. PLUS, just hose it down if you want to get rid of it. 




What you need:

  • Chalk - a few colours

  • Something to crush the chalk (we used the end of a rolling pin)
  • Cups/mugs
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pavement


  1. Put your chalk into cups, each one with separate colours. You don't need many pieces. If you just have normal thin chalk, two will be more then enough. If you have large pavement chalk, one will be enough. 
  2. Use the end of a rolling pin to crush the chalk in their separate cups. 
  3. Add water and mix. The more you mix the chalk and water the dark the paint will be. You will need to keep mixing as you go along as the chalk will settle at the bottom of the pot. 
  4. Get the paintbrushes and get painting!






Chalk Painting.jpg