Car Painting

Shoe Painting-2.png

The weather here has been truly glorious. Baking sun, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. And outdoors. Lots and lots of outdoors. My Little Feet want to be outdoors all day long. We have been doing lots of activities in the garden as a result. None of them expensive, and most are a come and go affair. Which is actually often the best way for toddlers. They can get easily distracted and if you force them to stay put their attention won't be in it and it'll be more effort then it's worth! 

My little feet LOVE playing with cars. Any type of moving thing with wheels. So really like so many, adding paint into the mix is just the next step. Your best bet is doing it outside on some sort of pavement. Safer then having paint splatter indoors! 

You can buy these long rolls of paper from various craft shops and they are very good for this sort of sensory fun. Something that you don't necessarily want to keep afterwards. The paper is thin and is described as 'newspaper paper'. As it is in a large roll, it is perfect as you can roll out and replenish it as much as you want and your Little Feet can zoom the cars up and down it to their hearts content!  


We had the neighbours over so the kids ran around, splashing about with water and then running over to have a quick car paint zoom. It was a lot of fun and each car tends to have different tracks, different patterns, different sizes and so on. Though if I'm honest, Im not sure any of that was on their minds! And that is ok as it is not the point of this. Car painting is just a type of sensory play so that in itself is all that matters.