Felt Easter Eggs


So as I was thinking of Easter crafts, this popped into my head. It came to me actually in it's Christmas tree form. The last few years it was been popular to make large Christmas trees made of felt with felt decorations for toddlers to have fun decorating. The neat thing with these crafts is that they can be done again and again and then simply rolled up and packed away for next year. Win, win if you ask me. 


This Easter egg one is two fold for my girls. For Patronus A I decided to add a learning element to it, a colour one and a shapes one. The colour one I knew was a bit basic for her so that turned into Patronus B's one to play with. The green shapes egg I decided to add a few shapes she wouldn't know on to it. She has the basic shapes down so I added, a crescent, kite, semi-circle, oval, cross, rain drop, parallelogram and trapezoid. Oval, she called an egg, crescent a moon, cross - x marks the spot. All of these are accurate off course, so we talked about their shape words and got her to repeat them as a couple are a bit of a mouthful! I don't expect her to learn them straight away but challenging her mind is always good. 

Patronus B absolutely loved putting the circles on to the egg. She spent ages playing and I was surprised to see that she quickly realised that they only stuck if she put them on flat and not crumpled up. 

What you need: 

  • Felt, at least two A3 pieces and the rest smaller. Lots of colours.
  • Fabric scissors 


  1. Cut out a large egg shape using your A3 felt sheet. 
  2. With the smaller pieces of felt cut out some shapes/circles/both. There should be some from each colour. 
  3. Then let your little hands and feet enjoy playing!