Conkerific Rolling


Conkers! The gifts that just keep on giving. This is the first of a series of three blog posts that celebrate how far a conker art activity can go. It's a three F kind of activity:

 Frugal, Fun and Free!

A few things we love about this activity, is that is actually looks like a piece of art work. One that looks fantastic displayed. You know what I'm talking about. Toddler art, can be 'choice' sometimes. Especially if you allow them and encourage them to do process art. This means that it is not about instructing them on what to do. Something that I must admit that on many occasions I fail as an artsy mummy.

Just to go off on a whim quickly, process art is SO SO important for kids. It allows your child to have free reign over what they do with the tools, paints, play dough, whatever it is you give them. It allows their creative juices to take hold. An actually, when I have let Patronus A do it, EVERY time I am completely blown away and humbled by what she does. Every time she does something that I hadn't considered doing. 

However... Conkerific Rolling makes for a very 'pretty' artwork. Which for sure has it's place! We LOVE the way the Autumn nuts create an almost feathered effect in the paint as it rolls down. Plus once the conkers and acorns dry they are an artwork in themselves!


Our first 'harvest'.

We discovered that even if the conkers have not yet come out of their protective shell, they do eventually break free as it dries out. We also collected and used some acorns as well. 


This is the second year we have done Conkerific Conker Rolling. Patronus B would have only just turned 2. She loved it then and loved it now so it's definitely something we will continue to do annually. The ones below are from last year. 

All you will need is:


Below is the journey through the whole process. I sort of love the squirting the paint bit, I reckon that's an artwork in itself! Andy Pollock style! Plus I love the pic of Patronus A - one HAPPY camper.

Two points/tips I'll mention as it's shown below before I start the instructions is that we did one on black card and it's by FAR my favourite. Also, you might have noticed we used a silver paint in with the other colours and we love how it sparkles and shimmers in the light. Just a couple of things to consider. 


These are pretty self explanatory to be honest. 

  1. Place your paper in your baking tray. Squirt your paints over your paper and pop the acorns and conkers in. Patronus A enjoyed splatting them into the paint. 
  2. Now rock the baking tray back and forth like a boat on stormy water. I would highly recommend doing this in the kitchen as toddlers can at times be vigorous and we had a couple of paint-covered conkers go flying across the room... We made a hasty retreat to the kitchen to finish! 
  3. Once you are happy with your artwork carefully place on the side to dry. Carefully place your conkers and acorns on a sheet of kitchen roll, or whatever you can find that you don't mind paint going on and leave to dry. We will be using these for a different activity so keep them safe. 
  4. If you have more conkers and acorns, repeat the entire process on a new sheet of paper! 
  5. Allow all artworks to dry. Keep them safe.... we'll be using them for another activity! 
I'd go as far to say that I love these little guys even a little more then the actual artwork!

I'd go as far to say that I love these little guys even a little more then the actual artwork!

This reminds me of arial views of landscapes with land and sprawling rivers. 

This reminds me of arial views of landscapes with land and sprawling rivers.