Ready Steady... Fire!

Summer is here. Apparently. Well the summer holidays are here anyway. So, if you find yourself having a day where sun graces your garden, then this is an activity for you! 

We had a couple of water pistols lying around. Normally Patronus A and Daddy Patronus run around the garden in a haze spray of water and laughter. I have been wanting to use them for an activity for a while and then it came to me one day when I was painting myself. I use watercolours when I paint, both a palette and inks depending on what I am doing. So water guns and watercolour inks was a perfect match! 

If you would rather not buy watercolours, why not try using food colouring. The Milton food colouring would probably be best as the colour is much thicker and vibrant. However, I'm sure that ones you could buy in the supermarket would work too. 

All you will need:

  • Two or three water guns
  • Water
  • Watercolour inks, 2 or 3 colours - I use the make Ecoline. 
  • White card
  • Washing Line and pegs


  1. Fill the water guns with water and then carefully drop one colour of either watercolour ink or food colouring in each one. Each one should only have one colour in it.  Carefully screw them back on. 
  2. Hang a couple sheets of paper on a washing line with pegs and a couple just on the floor in the garden. 
  3. Get your child to stand as far or close to the sheets and get spraying! The effect of the spraying will look different depending on if they are spraying the ones hanging off or trying to aim for the ones on the floor. If spraying the ones on the floor get them to spray up in the sky so that the waters splatters on the sheets. 
  4. Leave them to dry. 

I had to remind Patronus A not to spray anyone with the water guns while doing this activity. If you think your toddler doesn't have the self-control (mine 'forgot' twice), then maybe do this activity with as little clothes on as possible, or painting clothes.