Secret Garden


It's summer time and everyone is spending more time in their gardens. Children's voices carried along the wind and lawn mowers white noise are just seasonal sounds we are used to. Families spend time preening their gardens, everyone enjoying being able to be outside in tshirts.

So what do you do with all your tree cuttings? Green bin? Sure. Over the fence into the wood? Easy. But, did you ever consider creating a Secret Garden? Enter most large woods and you'll be able to find shelters that people have made together for fun. Wigwams, Teepees, you name it. How big and elaborate you go will depend on how much wood you have. We had just enough to create a hidden area against our central tree. 


This a great outdoor activity for slightly older Little Feet. Those of an age that are more capable to holding larger branches and creating and balancing a hideaway. I did the majority of building this as my Little Feet are still a bit wee. Still, they had and still have loads of fun playing and hiding in it. 


What you need:

  • A garden or wood!
  • A fence/wall/tree
  • Lots of big branches
  • Smaller branches with leaves still attached
  • Your imagination
  • Secateurs 


  • Find large branches, or cut back some of the trees in your garden. 
  • Cut back some trees branches with leaves attached
  • Start building your secret garden. Start by propping up the biggest and thickest branches first. They will be the foundation for everything else. 
  • Once all the bare branches are secure, start layering the smaller branches with leaves attached to create coverage. 
  • Once complete let your Little Feet play!