Garden Watering Hole

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The bank holiday has begun and we are promised some well needed sun and soaring temperatures. It even made the news, though this in itself is not news. We do live in Britain, where the weather is regularly a topic of conversation. Still, this post I reckon comes at the perfect time for some bank holiday gardening. 


A few weeks ago we got gifted some new pots and pans. My mother came to visit and apparently my pots and pans were inexcusably in need of upgrading. I hardly complained, it's not something I particularly relish in having to buy so it was gratefully welcomed! As a result, I had a set of pots and pans that needed to be disposed of to make room for the new shiny ones. The old ones were just ASKING to be used. I'm telling you they were whispering to me. In fact, it didn't take me long to know what to do with them. 

Our last two properties that we have lived at have backed onto a wood of some sort. At our last house we used to have some resident deer that hopped over our fence to munch on our lawn. We loved it and were a little sad to say bye to them. So when we moved it was nice to find out that we had a family of squirrels near by, regularly scampering over the branches and fences into our garden. As well as a few wood pigeons too, a robin a couple of other bird species. 


Pots and pans. When it was time to throw them away, I  knew there would be some use for them if we recycled them somehow. I normally know if something will come in useful, so it didn't take long for that spark o be ignited. I knew exactly what the lids would be used for - a splash pad! Little feet have some much fun in them not to mention how fun it looks when birds frolick in the puddles by the side of the road. What with the promise of sun, this is the perfect time to set up spaces for natures to cool down in. Here we have three different sized swimming pools for confident and less confident bathers. HA. Something for everyone. 

What you will need:

  • Old pots and pans and lids
  • Sting
  • Bird Feed
  • Water
  • Spade

We also used some hooks, nails and a hammer, however there isn't much need to do something so drastic.


  1. Find a spot in your garden or balcony to put your Garden Watering Hole. If you have a balcony you can tie the pots on them and if you have a planter you could put the lids on there. Otherwise, if you have a garden, find a good tree with branches or if you are feeling adventurous like we were a fence with some nails. Big Feet doing that though! 
  2. If your pot handles have holes at the end of them, tie the string through them and hang them up. If they don't have a hole in them then try tying the string around the body of the pot.
  3. With your lids, if you are setting up your watering hole in a garden, find some soil under where you hung up the pots and with your spade dig a little hole for the handle of the lid to slot into. It should be a tight fit so the lid doesn't wobble. When they are in place, get your Little Feet to pour some water in them. Your splash pad is then ready for use. 
  4. Get your Little Feet to pour in some bird feed in each of the pots. Your food court is now ready for use.
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In the space of a few hours of this being up and the bird feeder too, we have FOUR squirrels, three large wood pigeons, a robin and another bird I'll need to look up. That is one heck of a lot of animals. It's a good thing Pongo, our fur ball was inside otherwise he would have had a field day. 

Over the course of the next week I will be talking to Little Feet A about the animals you can find in gardens, what they eat, what they do in each season, how we can help them out, their life cycles and how they might interact with each other and us. 

These guys were outside our garden door all afternoon. At first they were a little nervous about us being on the other side of the window and door but once they realised we weren't coming out, they just ignored us. They spent all afternoon darting back and forth from the nuts and bird feed to the pots and pans. There was even some chasing and playing going on between two of them! 

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Just a few of our visitors this afternoon.

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If you haven't come across 'The Squirrels who squabbled' by Rachael Bright and Jim Field then you need to rectify that right now! They write and illustrate such wonderful books and each have a moral to them, which are great for Big Feet to think about as well as Little Feet.

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