10 Books to read with your kids this October

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  1. Funny Bones, Janet & Allan Ahlberg

If you were born in the 80s, then this will bring back some memories! My Little Feet are currently obsessed with this book. Little Feet B always runs to me shouting ‘Hip bone, hip bone!’ when she wants me to read it to her. It’s a classic!

2. Room on a Broom, Julia Donaldson

Any house that contains Little Feet is not complete with at least one Julia Donaldson book in it. We have most of her books and this one is a favourite. It teaches about kindness and friendship and you are left feeling warm and fuzzy by the end.

3. 10 Little Monsters, Mike Brownlow

If you haven’t already got one of the ‘Ten Little’ series by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty, you need to rectify that right now! Little Feet A basically learnt how to count backwards from 10-1 from these books. She still insists on doing the numbers whenever we read them. Ten Little Monsters, is another current seasonal favourite at The Rainbow Tree at the moment. We just adore all the illustrations in these books and know you will too.

4. Sweep, Louis Greig

This is a fab seasonal book which we have actually reviewed in our Review section recently. Find it here. It is about a book who just cannot let his anger go until he ends up dragging everyone around down with him. It is a fantastic teaching aid to Little Feet on the topic of anger and a great reminder to Big Feet too that our moods will affect our Little Feet as well.

5. Spot’s Harvest, Eric Hill

Spot! What child doesn’t like a spot book?! Though this isn’t one of the flap ones, I feel like sometimes that is no bad thing as it gives the Little Feet nothing to rip! This one is all about harvest time and everyone helping each other.

6. The Squirrels who squabbled, Rachel Bright and Jim Field

We LOVE these books. This one is about two squirrels, Cyril and Bruce. One who has spent all summer and autumn collecting his winter supplies and the other who has spent his time partying and eating all the food. They both want the last pinecone and they have a fight on their hands. It’s fun, the illustrations are fantastic, their is a moral behind the story and it rhymes!

7. Seasons come, seasons go Tree, Britta Teekentrump

We discovered this author recently and love this one. It is about seasons and the illustrations are colourful and vibrant. One of our favourite books about seasons.

8. Pattan’s Pumpkin: An Indian Flood Story, Chitra Soundar

I’ve recommended another of Chitra Soundar’s books in our Review section (read it here) and this is another unique story. Based on an India flood folklore story that the author found in a research paper, it is very reminiscent of Noahs Ark. In it a pumpkin, grows and grows and grows until it is bigger then all the animals. When a flood comes the pumpkin becomes a boat that saves the day. As well as being an adventure tale, it is a story about living at one with the nature around us.

9. The lost acorn, Nick Butterworth

I don’t know about you guys, but after I had Little Feet and stumbled across Nick Butterworth’s books again, it was like being transported back to my childhood. I love these books growing up and I am so chuffed that my girls love them too. Percy the park keeper lives on the park land and looks after everything in it. He spends his days gardening and looking after the animals. This one is a super cute one where he helps one of the squirrels remember where he has buried all his acorns.

10. Stumpkin, Lucy Ruth Cummins

A newly published book which is SO cute. It reminds me a little of The Christmas Eve Tree. It is about a pumpkin who has to watch all the other pumpkins being taken home by their new families. But all those pumpkins have stems and he only has a stump and no one seems to want one without a stem. Will it have a happy ending….? Buy it and find out! It is fab, sure to be an annual favourite.


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